Door locking system for your house

Electronic locks, an innovative idea

With the soaring demand of security and safety electronic locks have become an important part of locksmith industry. Centennial locksmith as a leader of this market is a leading manufacturer and installer of such locks. Centennial locksmith wants to keep you and your family safe so we work irrespective of day or night. It is worth mentioning here that Centennial locksmith also provides maintenance services for the electronic locks that are already installed at your premises. Centennial locksmith has taken a concept of security too much far as we always remain concerned about your security. Centennial locksmith never used outlandish locks and mechanics to our clients.


Centennial locksmith has a team of professionals that are masters of their fields. We make sure to secure your business and house at any time you say. Centennial locksmith is aware of the facts that electronics are much relevant to locksmiths and is an innovative idea. Centennial locksmith deals in lock hardware as well as software and operate 24/7/365. It is of paramount importance that you contact Centennial locksmith whenever you are in need of high security.   Centennial locksmith deals in the areas of lock installation, risk mitigation, electronic lock fitting as well as all hardware solutions.
Installation of magnetic (mag) locks: Centennial locksmith with the esteem support of its experts offers the services of Maglocks installation as also recommended by NFPA (national fire protection association).


Centennial locksmith integrates the central security server with the Maglock in such a way that it protects trespassing and intruders. Centennial locksmith has also developed customized Maglocks for the security and safety of your organization. Centennial locksmith experts personally visit your premises to judge the risk factor and then recommend the appropriate installation of these locks. Centennial locksmith wants to see you and your family safe and secure.


Electronic door locks: Centennial locksmith offers electronic locks which are designed to provide maximum security to your area. Centennial locksmith ensures the reliability, working and performance of such locks. Centennial locksmith manufactures these with high quality and offers them to our clients at a leading price. Centennial locksmith locks are easy to install, operate and required less energy to work. Centennial locksmith also offers after sales and installation maintenance services. Our door locks are efficient, effective and give peace of mind that you are in safe hands. Call us if you wish your family and premises to be safe and secure.


Keypads installations: Centennial locksmith is a pioneer in proving you the services of keypad installations. Centennial locksmith is the first one to incorporate biometric system with these keypads so that they can sense the fingers pressing them. Centennial locksmith installs these keypads with security features of detection, recognition and protection. These keypads also work in combination with your fire alarm system so that minimum loss incurs when there is a fire. Centennial locksmith is your trustworthy and reliable partner and wants to bring better security to you at your door step. Contact Centennial locksmith for an appointment or if you want we can also come to your place at anytime you want.